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About Us

Abayat Nawaem is a leading institution that is offering the top and best rated women's abaya and veils across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, by providing the best and unique selection of its products in terms of the quality of the materials and fabrics used in its products. Founded in 2006 and in a short period of time it managed to be a pioneer and leader in the world of fashion and beauty. And it was able to compete with both international and local fashion houses with the diversity of its products and models through its brand name "Nawaem" and through its 25 branches spread over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.

Our Mission:

Delivering our ideas and creativity of high taste to every home in the Arab and Islamic world and the world while preserving the originality of the beautiful Islamic outfit

Our vision:

The wide spread and promising future outlook of the Gulf and international market for beautiful Islamic outfit through the help of best abaya and veils designers.